Last week the ICLSG partners met for the second monthly meeting to dive into a project between founding partner, Ausgrid, and EV charging company, JOLT. 

Ausgrid partnered with JOLT, a Sydney-based electric vehicle charging company, to create an EV charging network across Sydney. The innovative project uses existing infrastructure – Ausgrid’s streetside kiosks – which are common in every suburb. EV drivers are able to pull up alongside the kiosk, plug in and charge their vehicles. The service offers 7 kWh free charging, which takes 15 min and gives the vehicles 45 km of range.. This charging is made free by facilitating advertising on the kiosk screens.

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The presentation from Ausgrid and JOLT explored the main opportunities and challenges of getting the charging network up and running. They discussed the ownership of assets, the importance of stakeholder engagement, and meeting industry standards. Partners around the world were able to ask questions and discuss the feasibility of applying a similar model in their location. This highlighted the importance of creating a local design, that factors in specifics like space availability and legal requirements. 

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