Become a network partner

Distribution network operators (DNOs) are businesses responsible for distributing electricity to connected customers. DNOs undertaking innovative smart grid trials can get involved join ICLSG as a network partner. They should:

  • Be responsible for supplying and distributing electricity to connected customers; 
  • Be actively implementing or intending to implement smart grid initiatives on their network;
  • Be collaborating with a community-led organisation and/or social enterprise, or have the intention to do so in the future; and
  • Be proactive in their approach towards a just, net zero energy future.

Network partners make an annual financial contribution towards the partnership and share key insights drawn from the challenges that they face in implementing smart grids. Their expertise helps DNOs help shape and contribute to the research programme led by the University of Oxford and supported by the Enel Foundation. Network partners promote their projects through the partnership website and nominate a community partner who can join for free.

Community partners: 

  • Have demonstrated interest in community-led energy activities;
  • Represent the views of a range of customers;
  • Are implementing or planning to implement smart energy initiatives within their local community
  • Own community energy assets or have an aspiration to own community energy assets in the near future.

Community partners bring insights learnt from their deep knowledge of their community to the partnership. And to share insights, challenges and barriers that they have faced in their ability to implement smart energy projects within their community.

Please get in touch if you would like to join the partnership or would like more information.