The partnership has recently appointed engineer Dr Katherine Collett as Senior Researcher. After completing a DPhil at the University of Oxford where she specialised in solar photovoltaics, Katherine joined the Energy and Power Group within the University’s Department of Engineering Science.

Katherine’s research focuses on supporting electricity network operators and community energy groups in the transition to low-carbon energy systems. In particular, how smart technology can facilitate a more efficient and effective energy system, and enable stakeholders to overcome some of the challenges they’re facing in ensuring a ‘just’ transition to net zero.

Katherine said:

“The whole energy system is changing to achieve net-zero. The transition isn’t just limited to clean energy production. We also have to consider how we get the energy from A to B cost-effectively, reliably, and to meet the needs of communities. The ICLSG research is focused on uncovering the opportunities offered by a smart electricity system and sharing learnings internationally between partners to maximise global impact.”

Prior to joining the ICLSG, Katherine worked on topics such as vehicle-to-grid, green hydrogen for development, forecasting electric vehicle uptake, a metric to identify readiness for grid edge technologies, and decarbonising public transit in Sub-Saharan Africa. Each of these have bolstered her knowledge and understanding of energy systems in different global contexts and will enable her to excel as the partnership’s Senior Researcher.


Watch Katherine and the team from the Energy and Power Group explain local energy systems